Recycling Success Stories.

Reuse vs Recycling. Certain materials have more value from reuse than from recycling. Identified one-time used corrugated cardboard boxes at a global food manufacturer and sold them in the reusable marketplace, significantly increasing recycling profits by 90%.

Streamline Operations. Organized the collection process at a Fortune 500 manufacturing plant that contributed to their Lean Manufacturing processes. Designed and implemented a solution that captured recyclables directly on the production floor and eliminated wasteful double-handling.

Segregate Recyclables. Created a new revenue stream from segregating recyclables. Educated a large technology company’s distribution center that certain items are more valuable when kept separate. This increased recycling proceeds by almost 50%.

Landfill Diversion Success Stories.

Candy Scrap to Animal Feed. Created a program for a global candy manufacturer where unpackaged and packaged candy waste is collected, processed, and sold as animal feed. This generates significantly more recycling profits for the client and eliminates landfill costs.

Packaged Ice Cream to Anaerobic Digestion. Identified a system for a Fortune 500 ice cream manufacturer to divert large volumes of ice cream by-product and contaminated packaging from landfill by processing the organic material through an anaerobic digester to create biogas.

Food Waste to Composting. Sourced a solution for an international food processor where food waste in organic packaging is kept out of landfill and used as an ingredient to produce high-value compost.

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