“Helping you achieve zero waste.”

What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is defined differently by each client. Some clients define it as no material or only a small percentage of material that can be sent to landfill; some clients define it as no incineration; and some clients define it more in terms of the practices of their facilities and the culture of their people.

No matter how Zero Waste is defined, Complete Recycling is dedicated to helping organizations reach their Zero Waste goals. Whether it’s locating alternative outlets to landfill, implementing cost-reducing solutions, or helping to establish a sustainability goal or budget, contact us to learn about how we can help.

Zero Waste Success Stories

Zero Waste - An international food processor reached its zero waste goal after Complete Recycling designed and implemented a sustainability program that included creative solutions for multiple waste streams and detailed analytics tracking. Onsite training resulted in a significant decrease of total waste generated. Hard-to-recycle organic materials were diverted to an anaerobic digestion facility and used as an ingredient to produce high-value compost.

$225,000 Food Waste to Animal Feed - Annual recycling profits for Fortune 100 manufacturer from a landfill diversion program where packaged and unpackaged food waste is collected, de-packaged, processed, and used as feed for animals.

1,300,000 LBS Packaged Organics Converted to Energy From Waste - Volume of organic cosmetic products deemed unsalable from a leading, multi-national manufacturer diverted from landfill in a single year. Products are sorted offsite to recover any recyclable materials and the remaining items are used by a waste-to-energy plant as a supplemental fuel to power cement kilns.

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